Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful, indeed some days it does not feel like it is but it is! On the days like this, when all you’ve got is anxiety, panic attacks, fear for future, sleepless nights it may feel like your life is worst or it isn’t normal but trust me it is. It happens.But if we take a moment and think, Why do we let it do this to us? Why do negative feelings consume more space in us than the positive ones? How easily we call our life the worst why do we forget that there were days when we thanked for this life, we wanted to be alive. It is just a day.  Everyday passes, nothing lasts forever neither good feelings nor the bad ones. Just take a deep breath and think about everything you are grateful for, people who pray for your life, your parents. You will feel better. Don’t let the negative thoughts rule you! Don’t let it get to you ,just hang in there! It’s going to be normal maybe not now but someday it will; just keep going, keep waiting, keep hoping. You will get there.

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