Mental illness is Real

Mental health is an important issue and i think it deserves the same attention and care like physical illness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks are not just how we feel they are much more than that , they are diseases. I don’t know why but i have seen so many people actually its ok to say that almost everyday i get to see another person who does not believe in mental illness, patients are just sad and they are just feeling it, and it doesn’t really exists they say. I just dont get it , how insensitive people can be, just because you can’t see an injury you dont believe it!!!!? I am done.This is why people with mental illness are afraid to say it out loud, this is why they want to hide but when they do hide they stay quiet and just in a corner and then they are often think of as a rude person or an introvert. Those people are honestly lucky who are far away from all the mental illnesses , they dont have to stay up at nights thinking that they may die because the heart beating in their chest is not just beating its running and it feels like it may break your ribs and escape out, when they close their eyes they see something so disturbing that they have to keep their eyes open , when the night is over they thank God that they are alive and they didnt commit suicide at night, they get panic attacks before going somewhere their hands start shaking, heart racing , difficulty in catching breath but they are often brave enough to still go out , hangout with people sometimes. They dont tell anyone about this because maybe they dont want to make you sad or maybe they believe you’ll not believe you.But if anyone tells you about how they feel, you can’t help them just comfort them by tapping on their shoulder and say its going to be ok, stay strong, just provide them an ear to share their feelings, it often gets better by sharing and just BELIEVE THEM! PLEASE BELIEVE THEM!!

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