Reflections in the Sky

When i look at the sky, when it looks like the perfect combination of all the beautiful colors of this universe, it looks like it is telling a story, showing me faces of people that look so familiar, Oh i remember! It shows me my past. It shows me the memories i made with people who are no longer here…it is trying to tell me to live in the moment you have got, to make the most of it, to make the people with me happy, to take care of them right now when i can..For no one knows how long i am with them and in maybe in the future this sky will show me their faces..and all I’ll have will be my memories.

Emotions overloaded

Our heart is like a sea, our feelings water, we always try to suppress our feelings and control them, But there is a certain limit to it After that limit, someday all the feelings are flooded from our heart. Let it, let it happen, it’s normal. You were carrying more weight on your heart than you could bear, its ok to be vulnerable sometimes, we can’t always act strong. Its fine, you will be stronger tomorrow 🙂

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To Dear Heart

Oh heart,
All the pain you have,
Shall heal someday,
Oh heart,
When i look back,
I hear you break,
I feel you bleed inside,
And when i see you now,
I see you healed,
And oh heart,
I am proud of you,
For whatever you had to go through,
And For whatever you will go through,
Oh heart,
Never leave the hope,
Everytime you ache,
I know you will heal;

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