Note to Self

When you feel like you’re going to explode,
When things are getting worse,
You’ve hit the rock bottom,
And you’re ready to give up.
That’s the point where you will rise my dear,
Things will start getting better now,
And if they don’t,
Don’t give up on hope,
Keep trying,
This is the test of your patience,
And you shall succeed,
You’ll make it through,
I believe in you;


These little angels of God,
Who make sounds so pleasant to hear,
When someone so tired gets home,
A look of them makes him smile,
And the whole world becomes secondary,
Just the moment you hold the hand of your child.
You loved him even when he was not born,
Tell me a love more pure,
When he stood for the first time and spoke his first word,
You cried your eyes out with happiness ,
Their noises when they play,
Cheers up the surrounding.
They are the flowers of Allah’s gardens,
They deserve to be.

photo of man in raising baby under blue sky
Photo by Studio 7042 on