We all are same.

We see hundreds of people daily, more than half of them we don’t know. They all carry a story in their eyes. Some people have eyes so deep we can see those eyes are holding on something. We only know our story and thus our complete focus is on our story and we miss the vision of the greater picture, We all are humans and we share the same planet , we may not share our stories maybe our stories are different from each other but someone other than us also goes through the same, we all are the same. No one is greater or lesser. We should think above the discrimination on the bases of caste, colour, race, nationality and all that. We should be kind towards each other, we don’t know what the other person is going through and WORDS have the power of breaking and healing so make sure you are using them right.

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Emotions overloaded

Our heart is like a sea, our feelings water, we always try to suppress our feelings and control them, But there is a certain limit to it After that limit, someday all the feelings are flooded from our heart. Let it, let it happen, it’s normal. You were carrying more weight on your heart than you could bear, its ok to be vulnerable sometimes, we can’t always act strong. Its fine, you will be stronger tomorrow 🙂

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These little angels of God,
Who make sounds so pleasant to hear,
When someone so tired gets home,
A look of them makes him smile,
And the whole world becomes secondary,
Just the moment you hold the hand of your child.
You loved him even when he was not born,
Tell me a love more pure,
When he stood for the first time and spoke his first word,
You cried your eyes out with happiness ,
Their noises when they play,
Cheers up the surrounding.
They are the flowers of Allah’s gardens,
They deserve to be.

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We don’t need equality; we need respect

As everyone knows we have been hearing about feminism and gender equality quite alot lately but we need a quick analysis on it;

Dont we find it sweet when a man stands in the bus leaving his seat for a woman? When you say you want gender equality are you willing to stand in the bus? Or are you going to give up your ‘Ladies first’?

I do agree, we, women are so strong i even think we are the strongest creature on this planet! And we definitely dont need a man to do things for us, WE ARE ENOUGH FOR US, but that is also true we cannot live without our men not because we need them, but because we love them. These lines in my favourite poetry book defines my point;

I do not want to have you
To fill the empty parts of me
I want to be full on my own
I want to be so complete
I could light a whole city
And then
I want to have you
Cause the two of us combined
Could set it on fire
_Milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

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So what do you think about it? Do you need equality or respect?

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